DEVOTED TO Sacred Dance & Women's Vitality Practices

Our mission in the foundation of the Ritual Movement Arts TM is to share a living temple school of alchemical wisdom, full of practical applications to connect with your body’s intelligence, intuition and natural psychic powers.

R.M.A is a holistic set of practices designed to live in harmony with all aspects of your Being: Body, Mind and Spirit. All Teachings are devoted to women’s empowerment through creating sacred spaces while applying ancient techniques that awaken embodiment, through vitality practices : Sacred Dance, Ritual, Ayurveda, and Yoga.

Step into your most empowered state and highest expression by creating new habits and daily practices to harmonize the body and the mind to honor your individual mythos. Intentional movement gives us a vehicle to move out of our heads and into hearts and bodies. We can then experience our authentic feelings; both our dark and light selves. This enables practitioners to attain awareness and inner stillness in motion, creating a more grounded center.

I am honored to share with you over 18 years of devotional practice to empowering women through yin nourishment, embodiment & sovereignty. I am here to help guide you with these tools to find and cultivate the keys within yourself. These offerings are created for heart centered souls who want to expand their understanding of healing feminine arts as a form of medicine. Awaken the codes within you of your full potential as healers, priestesses and medicine women as we honor the lineages of these teachings.



The Modern Priestess Awakens to the Remembrance of embodiment of the goddess within and without. We are all one and the same returning to our roots and to our true soul’s calling. Now is the time of the great feminine rising in our collective truth. We are here to do this great work together by honoring our planet, our bodies and the goddess of a thousand names that resides in all things.

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As the goddess is honored through ecstatic dance, our communities grow stronger. As we dance, we consecrate our bodies and the land on which we dance, we unite.”

-Sacred Women Sacred Dance