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Short Bio :

Aradia Julia Sunseri Founder/Instructor of Ritual Movement Arts Mystery School. She Is a lifelong Devoted Yogini, Temple Fusion Belly Dance Artist, & Ayurveda Practitioner. Aradia has over 18 years of experience in the movement arts and professional performance in theater, on film and stage. Aradia’s art is rooted in yoga, dance therapy modalities, ritual performance & theatrical improvisation. Her unique style incorporates the holistic & healing aspect of dance as meditation. She has years of training in Classical Ballet, Tribal/Temple fusion belly dance, Nepalese, Oddissi, modern dance, fire dance, and traditional Butoh. Expressing the anatomy of the soul through ritual dance and original handmade costumes, her visual and energetic presence embodies artistic timeless exploration of sacred dance as devotion. As an interdisciplinary artist, ritualist and dancer whom continues to study diverse forms of dance.

  • Professional dancer offering Temple Fusion Belly Dance entertainment

  • Specializing in theatrical shows, old world theatre vignettes, ceremonies, blessings

  • Fire dancing & sword balancing

  • Avail to perform with many styles of music including eastern musician’s and recorded electronic tracks.

  • Ambient character performer/ Tarot reader

  • Aradia is avail to book as solo performer, as well as with accompanying musicians & multiple dancers.

Booking Inquiry for your next Event, Celebration, Festival

I look forward to hearing from you. Please let me know what kind of event you are creating? You can book me as a soloist with ensemble. As well as with multiple dancers & musicians. I am delighted to bring the magic & mystery of Temple Fusion Belly dance to your next event!

Aradia has performed worldwide as a soloist and has shared the stage with artists and renowned musicians including: Cirque Du Soleil, Lucent Dossier, Chebb i Sabbah, Zen Arts, Faith & the Muse (as Serpentine), David Starfire, Andrew Jones, Shpongle, Random Rab and many more. Aradia has also performed in multiple music videos that have appeared on Mtv and in independent films. She has been invited for repeat performances at music, art, and yoga festivals in the U.S. and internationally, including: Coachella, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust, Source, Harmony, Symbiosis, and Electric Picnic.

Thus far my life experience & training has taught me the marriage of yoga, dance & ritual . As well as including ancient sister science Ayurveda & vitality practices. These 3 ancient pathways have come together in such profound ways. They are the core triad of all my offerings.

I would like to honor all my teachers whom have been a divine light inspiration & support. As dance has always been a form of meditation & spiritual practice to honor the cycles & rhythms of life. I am forever a student in this school of life, continuing my studies in Sacred Dance, Ayurveda, Shamanic Healing, Somatic healing & body energy medicine  


Accreditation: 15 years training in Sacred dance & have been a professional bellydancer & performance artist touring & working with many exceptional artists & creators of the U.S & European tribal bellydance movement. My teachers and dance luminaries I have had the honor to study with: Jill Parker, (Tribal Fusion) Suhaila Salimpour,(Tribal/Cabaret) Carolena Nericcio (A.T.S) Rachel Brice (Tribal Fusion) Zoe Jakes,(Tribal Fusion) Colleena Shakti, (Odissi)  Prajwal Vajracharya ( Nepalese ) & many more. 

18 years of yoga practice & 4 Different Certifications, from Traditional Hatha, Vinyasa, Tantra, & Yoga Nidra. My beloved Teachers in Yoga are Swami Sitaramananda, Shiva Rea, & Vidya Shakti. Honoring & Carrying the lineages of Krishnamacharya, Sivananda, Kashmir Shaivism.

Certified A.H.C Ayurveda Health Counselor Graduated the California College of Ayurveda

Completed 2 year B.M.I Internship program.

Also Certified & practicing healing arts through Traditional Ayurveda lens of body therapies including panchakarma, dextox & women’s health programs.

Life Long Studies & Path of great Initiations My Teachers in Esoteric studies : Barbara Brennan, B.O.T.A, Tom Kenyon, Jonathan Rigby, Hermetica Logos, Angelles Arren, Martin Prectel, Temple Sisterhood of Sekhmet, Ordained Priestess of the White Rose.

Continued Bio :

Aradia Julia Sunseri : (AHC) and Women’s Health Specialist Aradia is a certified Ayurveda, Yoga & Sacred dance practitioner.                   She is the founder of Ritual Movement Arts, holds degrees & certifications in sacred dance, somatic therapy, hatha Yoga, yoga nidra, womb healing, herbalism, & is a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda. 

Since 2008 Aradia has offers international retreats & workshops focusing on women’s vitality practices.                                                Her focuses on these integrative therapies weaving innovation of movement arts such as dance, yoga, with  herbalism & meditation,/rituals as a nurturing A holistic practice to bring balance in everyday life.

She specializes in supporting stress management, major life changes, post postpartum, peri menopause, hormonal support, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, eating disorders & unhealthy body relationships, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, weight management, preventive care & natural Age reversal, brain food practices and general optimizing of one’s health. 

Her practice is open to anyone at any stage of life seeking healing any form of imbalance, as well as helping age gracefully by understanding and optimizing wellness.

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