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Aradia Julia Sunseri is a Temple Fusion Belly Dance artist, Ritual Movement Arts instructor, and costume designer. 

 Aradia has over 15 years of experience in the movement arts and performance in theater, on film and stage. Expressing the anatomy of the soul through ritual dance and original handmade costumes, her visual and energetic presence embodies artistic timeless exploration of sacred dance as devotion. As an interdisciplinary artist, lifelong yogini, and dancer whom continues to study diverse forms of dance. Aradia’s art is rooted in yoga, dance therapy modalities, ritual performance & theatrical improvisation. Her constantly evolving style incorporates Tribal/ Temple fusion belly dance, modern dance, fire dance, ballet and butoh. 

  • Professional dancer offering Temple Fusion Belly Dance entertainment
  • Specializing in theatrical shows, old world theatre vignettes, ceremonies, blessings
  • Fire dancing & sword balancing
  • Avail to perform with many styles of music including eastern musician’s and recorded electronic tracks.
  • Ambient character performer/ Tarot reader
  •  Aradia is avail to book as solo performer, as well as with accompanying musicians & multiple dancers. 

Aradia Sunseri ~ healing through the art of bellydance & the creatrix of "Ritual Movement Arts"

I first fell in love with dance when I was 4 years old, watching Sufi whirling dances my mother would take me to. I then was raised studying ballet, jazz & modern From 5 years old to my teens. I have always felt the intrinsic connection between dance metaphysics & yoga. 

In 1999 I found the art of fire dancing and began making my own fire tools and performing with the Burning man community in the fire conclaves. This was pure magic! I felt an outlet for wild self-expression & my heart soared infusing all my years of dance training into a new form collaborating with other dancers & circus arts performers. Theatrical rituals, enacting myths & performing elements of butoh became the highlights of my performances.This was the doorway that lead me directly to Tribal Fusion Belly dance In 2004 I instantly fell in love with the energy, costuming & community of this dance style. I felt a soul kinship with these women whom wanted to empower one another and co create a supportive platform for sharing our ancestral lineages & beliefs about the Feminine divine.

 I feel the importance of sharing the honoring of all my teachers whom have guided & supported me with bright open hearts. And it is always nature, my greatest teacher that replenishes me. This well of inspiration allows me to teach a well-versed and unique offering of how different elements inspire my practice, which then ripples out into my teaching. I am presently working with many multimedia artists on video and large stage production for festivals & temple events. 

  If you are interested in hosting me to Teach a R.M.A workshop in your city please contact me. I am so thrilled to return to Hawaii for our 3 annual Radiant Priestess Retreat will be next spring April 25-May 2 2017. This is a week long retreat focusing on yin nourishment, sacred dance & women's vitality practices. A chance share within sisterhood, unplug & return to pele's womb of transformation. 

 I am currently collaborating with holistic practitioner's who share the vision of women empowering women. To offer specialized R.M.A workshops & retreats on healing issues of separation of sisterhood, Re-establishing a healthy body image, recovering from abuse & the sacred phases of a woman’s life menstruation,(maiden) pregnancy, (mother)menopause.(crone

Aradia Demo Reel: 


 For Booking: http://aradiasunseri.com/contact-booking/

Aradia has performed worldwide as a soloist and has shared the stage with artists and renowned musicians including: Shpongle, Cirque Du Soleil, Faith & the Muse (as Serpentine), Lucent Dossier, Chebb i Sabbah, Zen Arts, David Starfire, Andrew Jones, Random Rab and many more. Aradia has also performed in multiple music videos that have appeared on Mtv and in independent films. She has been invited for repeat performances at music, art, and yoga festivals in the U.S. and internationally, including: Coachella, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Wanderlust, Source, Harmony, Symbiosis, and Electric Picnic.

Aradia is currently co founder/artistic director of Auracle Dance Company. Joining creative forces with NagaSita. As a powerful duet these internationally sought after dancers create spellbinding theatrical productions with eclectic musicians, Such as Sonja Drakulich, Imagicka Om, Rigzin and more.

Auracle Dance Company



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Please let me know what kind of event you are creating? You can book me as a soloist with ensemble. As well as with multiple dancers & musicians.

I am delighted to bring the magic & mystery of Temple Fusion Belly dance to your next event!