Sedona "Enter The Mandala" 2 day immersion

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Sedona "Enter The Mandala" 2 day immersion

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I invite you to join in this journey of sacred dance (Temple Fusion Bellydance) & women's vitality practices.  

As we collectively feel the feminine divine awaking within us. We gather in sisterhood to offer our hearts intention together. 
This 2 day “Enter the Mandala” immersion is dedicated to cultivating & honoring the yin nourishment in your life. 

We will explore the art of women’s vitality practices. :

  • Learn the language of Temple Fusion Belly Dance, comprised of sacred geometry shapes & symbols. 
  • Beginning practices of the inner yoga’s using mula bandhas and pelvic locks for strengthening the mind-body connection to the root chakra and sexual centers.
  • Ritual Dance Choreography, theatrical presence, dancing your personal mythos.
  • Temple fusion bellydance 101
  • Isolations, drills, layering, & fluidity Yoga warm up & cool down.
  • Sacred space & Earth magick 101
  • Inner yogas
  • Isolations, drills, layering

*PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.***There are limited spaces available. To reserve your place, pay pal to

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Jan 13 & 14 1-4PM

$108 for both days o$60 for one day

Each day is 4 hrs workshop building on the next. Please say which date you are registering for. 

Hosted at Yoga Blessings  162 Coffee Pot Drive, Suite B, Sedona, Arizona 8633

 If possible carpool & prepare to arrive 10 min early to settle in.
*Please bring a water bottle, open mind, light snack, yoga matt and be prepared to sweat :)

What is Ritual Movement Arts?
Enter into the temple to dance, sweat, create & cultivate nourishment for both body & soul. 
Focusing on dancing from the core. Opening the body with yogic principles to deepen your connection to your dance. With presence fluidity and slinky theatrical moves. Exploring intricate mudras, and choreography while activating the creative soul seat of each individual’s personal transformative power. Tune in with your inner archetypal energy and the art of storytelling through the eyes, hips, & heart. These vitality practices offer a connection to one's own essence and cultivate an enjoyment of the body in motion while sharing in a community of sisterhood.