10 Day Sacred Dance Journey


10 Day Sacred Dance Journey


Jan 1st- 10th 2020

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Sacred Dance Practice with Aradia


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10 Day Sacred Dance Journey

Jan 1st -10th 2020

As we enter into the new year its a fresh start!

We all have new year resolutions, goals and visions of how we would like to set new habits into motion.

This course is a 10-day in-depth focus on devoting time to connect and cultivate clear communication with your inner guidance system, your temple body!

They say there are 3 minds the mind, heart & the belly. Can you listen and learn to trust your body’s own innate intelligence?

After all, we are all stardust in these bodies, and we get one body for the whole ride. Let’s learn new self-care ritual’s & enjoy the process nourishing our body, mind & spirit each & every day.

We start with an exploration into one of the most powerful tools to transform your life: 30 min a day of dance

Here we spend time uncovering the biggest blocks often I hear the phrase “if only I had time for myself “or “that’s a luxury of time I don’t have.”

Let’s look at this thought process.

Let’s rewrite that story right now!

Each and every day you will learn practical application to rewire the brain and step into consciously creating the life you dream of.

The more grounded & healthy you are the more energy you will have to bring into the world & have a less stressful mindset.

  • Course Details:

  • The first & the last day are held live then followed up by 8 video recordings

  • Each class is 60 min

  • 30 min daily dance practice ( included warm-up & cool down )

  • Intro to breathwork/ Visualization with an audio meditation

  • Inspiring Goal setting Pdf Workbook

  • Pdf of scientific studies & resource List ( Dancing improves brain function boosts memory, reduced the risk of dementia, improves cerebral health and dancing improves one of the cognitive domains, which is spatial memory.)

  • Recipes & Beauty Tips

  • Selfcare Rituals

  • Join A community of like-minded Kindred Hearts

    Open to all levels of experience

    Tuition: $ 222.00

    Terms of Agreement: This is a non-refundable program. If for some reason you are not able to attend you may sell your place to another with email 2 days prior to Course start Jan 1st, 2020


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