Welcome to Ritual Movement Arts Monthly Newsletter!

Hello Dearest Friends & Family,

Welcome to the rebirth of the monthly Ritual Movement Arts newsletter! We once again step forward into a symbolic new cycle and I wish you pure grace & magnetism in all your endeavours. May you be surrounded by love, creativity & inspiration in all that you do. With this I am delighted to share with you throughout the year all my upcoming retreats, workshops and insights for 2016!

Dancing, teaching, embodying, exploring the metaphysical realms, these are my greatest passions. I have been a devoted student of spiritual studies, yoga & sacred dance for over 15 years. I have been blessed to have studied with with masters in dance, esoteric studies & body energy medicine and have found my greatest calling is honoring the full expression of the feminine divine & supporting the global awakening and collective healing within sisterhood. 

With great reverence I thank you, this community, that has supported & birthed me as an artist, teacher & entrepreneur. It's a wild ride full of rewards & challenges. I'm excited to dive into many new projects & collaborations. With dedicated focus & creative fire guiding me each step my inner compass has lead me to this very moment of feeling inspired to shine bright & share what really inspires me every day! 

Please feel free to read my personal Mantra for 2016 below:

"May we invoke ingenuity & trust to create new ways of problem solving within & without.        May we cultivate ways to nourish our souls in alignment with our Mama planet. As star seeds & stewards on this earthship, may we practice new levels of consciousness around our acquisition of goods & know whom we are supporting with our purchases. As we teach, we are learning, and as we open our hearts to one another, we are healing so much more than our minds may know. One drop of kindness ripples well beyond space & time. May we find balance in our relationship with technology while bringing greater awareness to how we connect with one another. May we remember our gentle humanity & need for authentic connection. Making time to tune in & turn off all devices for psychic field days, taking the time to unplug. May we quiet the inner critic & create more space for genuine self love. We are at the opening of a new chapter, the dawning sunlight gently stirring the metaphorical & physical seeds beneath the soil. From the ground up we rise rooted in strength & 'blissapline' and I look forward to co-creating with you in 2016!" 

Each month I will be offering a free guided audio meditation, link at the end of this edition of the newsletter.  This month is grounding & reclaiming energy. 

Upcoming Women's Retreats :

Aloha sisters I am thrilled to share with you that Registration is now open.


 ~ APRIL 25 - MAY 2ND, 2016 | KALANI, HAWAII

Aradia Front 7 final.jpg

I invite you to join in this journey of Temple Fusion Belly Dance, Yoga and women's vitality practices. This 7 Day Retreat Is Dedicated To Cultivating & Honoring The Yin Nourishment In Your Life. Together We Will Explore Ancient Practices As A Collective, In Our Temple Space Held On The Sacred Land Of Pele. As We Collectively Feel The Feminine Divine Awakening Within. We Gather In Sisterhood To Create And Manifest Our Collective Dreams! This All Inclusive Week Long Retreat Is Held At Kalani On The Big Island Of Hawaii. I am delighted to announce Achintya Devi will be joining as a Guest facilitator & Sharing teachings on Moon Mapping & Goddess Wisdom

There Are Only 15 Spaces Available In Shared Triplet Rooms To Create An Intimate Container For Your Growth And Healing. Allow 3 Fresh Gourmet Vegetarian Meals A Day To Be Catered For You While You Engage In Daily Workshops Focusing On Meditation, Yoga, Temple Fusion Belly Dance, Drills, Choreography & Technique, And Ritual Theatre.

                                   RETREAT INCLUDES

  • 7 nights accommodation in triple room shares at Kalani

  • 3 fresh gourmet vegetarian meals a day

  • Daily meditations and yoga / movement

  • In depth Ritual Movement Arts workshops focusing on drills, choreography & technique
  • Guest facilitator Achintya Devi Of Goddess Rising 13 moon sisterhood               Moon Mapping & Goddess Wisdom

  • Trip to black sands beach

  • Trip to Queen’s Ponds thermal springs

January ONLY SPECIAL Pricing - $300 OFF!
Sign up by Jan 29, to receive this Special Deal

For Registration & more info http://www.ritualmovementarts.com/offerings/hawaii2016

Benefits of Temple Fusion belly dance :

  •  Awakening/Allowing permission to explore your own sensuality & femininity.

  • Strengthening the mind body connection and create new pathways to sensation, awareness and bliss.

  • Tuning in to your moon cycle & womb healing.

  • Getting a good workout and feeling centered in your body.

  • Expressing your unique dance expression in a safe & supportive environment.