"Chalice & the Sword" 2 day Immersion (Intro to the art of sword dancing)

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"Chalice & the Sword" 2 day Immersion (Intro to the art of sword dancing)

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I invite you to join in this journey of sacred dance (Temple Fusion Bellydance) & women's vitality practices.  As we collectively feel the feminine divine awaking within us new layers of balance.   We gather in sisterhood to offer our hearts intention together. 

This 2-day immersion is dedicated to cultivating & honoring the yin nourishment in your life. Through temple fusion belly dance, yoga & ritual intention. Shedding all the past concepts we dance with grace & wild ease. 
We will explore these practices of Integration: seeing and being seen, honoring Venus & her celestial dance "creating pathways through the sky", and awakening the akashic records within each of our paths.

The chalice & the sword are not only ancient symbols they are tools in practical magic. Your body & womb are represented by the chalice. Purifying & strengthening your powers of intuition & nourishment. Your mind & power to create & unify masculine & feminine energies are the sword. Cutting away illusion & using peaceful discernment. Together these powerful tools awaken & align the body & mind.

All levels of experience welcome.

In this 2 day workshop, we will explore the art of women’s vitality practices. :
~Creating, cultivating & nurturing your personal practice:

You will build upon the language of temple fusion belly dance. We will explore different chakras and energy centers of our body through, breath, sound, and intentionality. We will focus on practices for clearing & opening the energy channels. Awakening & isolating kundalini life force energy.

  • Intention setting
  • The art of sword dancing & the magick of Symbolism
  • Choreography/ Temple Fusion Belly dance
  • Womb clearing & cutting cords ritual
  • Breath work/Embodiment Practices
  • Isolations, drills, layering Yoga warm up & cool down. 
  • Earth magick/Practical Magick & Ritual Adornment
  • Theatrical, presence, flourishes
  • Intermediate practices of the inner yoga’s using mula bandhas and pelvic locks for strengthening the mind-body connection to the root chakra and sexual centers.

***PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.***There are limited spaces available. To reserve your place, pay pal to ritualmovementarts@gmail.com or pay by CC here by pressing add to cart.

 $108 for both days OR $60.00 for one


A confirmation email with temple address & details will be sent upon registration. Please say which date you are registering for.

*Reminder traffic can be crazy on the weekend so please carpool if possible Please arrive 10 min early to settle in.
*Please bring a water bottle, journal, open mind, light snack, yoga matt and be prepared to sweat :)

Almeh Performing the Sword Dance (c.1873). Jean-Léon Gérôme (French, 1824-1904). Oil on canvas. 

Almeh Performing the Sword Dance (c.1873). Jean-Léon Gérôme (French, 1824-1904). Oil on canvas.